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IELTS stands for International English Language Testing System. The test consists of four modules - Listening, Speaking, Reading and Writing – and takes two hours and 45 minutes to complete. There are two variants of the test: General and Academic. Academic is taken by candidates intending to use English for study purposes.
The fist module, Listening, consists of four sections. Students will hear a variety of recorded texts, including monologues and dialogues. Texts and tasks become more difficult as the test progresses. Academic Writing consists of three reading passages and a total of 40 questions, which test a range of reading skills. Passages come from magazines, journals, books and newspapers, and the topics of general interest. Texts and tasks become more difficult as the test progresses. Academic writing consists of two tasks, one of at least 150 words and the other of at least 250 words. In Task 1, students have to look at a diagram or table and present the information in your own words. In Task 2 students have to present and justify an opinion or present the solution to a problem. Speaking module will be conducted in a form of an interview between the candidate and an examiner.

Preparation course aims at teaching students to understand a range of accents including British, American or Australian English. Students will learn how to answer multiple choice, short-answer questions, completion and matching tasks, and diagram labeling. Throughout the course the students will be taught how to give clear, accurate and relevant description of the information; how to organize your utterance logically; how to use a variety of appropriate vocabulary.
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